Trailer Resource Center

How to Attach a Trailer

A Comprehensive Guide: How to Attach a Trailer Safely Whether you’re towing a boat, camper, or utility trailer, properly attaching it to your vehicle is

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Heavy Duty Trailers

To start off, ALL of our trailers are heavy duty. But if you’re moving real heavy equipment, we’ve put together this guide to our toughest

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Custom Built Trailers

Did you know Max Built Trailers offers custom-built trailers? In order to ensure a speedy manufacturing process, we need you to gather the necessary information

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Trailer Tires Guide

Cargo trailers are the staples for countless industries, silently ferrying goods across highways and byways and helping to power the very heartbeat of our economy.

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Guide to Car Trailers

Car trailers (also known as “car haulers”) are essential for safely transporting vehicles—whether for recreational purposes, car shows or even commercial use. Selecting the appropriate

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large utility trailer

How to Load Equipment Trailer

Properly loading heavy equipment onto a trailer requires careful planning, attention to detail and adherence to safety protocols. Whether you’re transporting construction machinery, agricultural equipment

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trailer hitch ball connected to trailer

Guide to Trailer Hitch Balls

Trailer hitch balls are integral for secure towing connections between your vehicle and trailer. This guide covers essential aspects of hitch balls, including installation, size

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